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Smashed Screen Replacement For iPad2/3/4,Mini1/2/3/4, Air1/2 & the latest iPad 1893

MOST iPad can be done within 30-60 minutes

Device Model Price
iPad 2/3/4 Glass Screen Replacement $55 SALE PRICE!
iPad 2/3/4 LCD Replacement $89 SALE PRICE!
iPad Mini 1/2 Glass Screen Replacement $65 SALE PRICE!
iPad Mini 1/2 LCD Replacement $100 SALE PRICE!
iPad Mini 3 Glass Replacement $75 SALE PRICE!
iPad Mini 3 LCD Replacement $100 SALE PRICE!
iPad Air 1 Glass Replacement $69 SALE PRICE!
iPad Air 1 LCD Replacement $110 SALE PRICE!
iPad Air 2 Glass Replacement $150 SALE PRICE!
iPad Air 2 LCD Replacement $260 SALE PRICE!

How do you feel when you break your phone?

Disconnected to the world…Can’t display the life in your hand…Can’t hear any sounds…Can’t retrieve any information…
the smash totally changes your life…you need the phone back right now.
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Our Services

A wide range of phone related services are provided!!
MRC Phone Repair understands the importance of phones in our lives. Therefore, we offer quality and fast service for our customers along with competitive prices and premium parts. Apart from glass screen replacement, we also provide the following services:
  • Battery Replacement

    If your phone seems broken or isn't holding power like it used to, a new battery is the solution.

  • Home Button Repair

    Please note that only the original assembly will be able to use the Touch ID function. Installing a new home button will only restore normal home button functionality, and not the Touch ID features.

  • Power Button Repair

    Even this job is a challlenge,we can still make it. It may take 1-2 hours so please ring us in advance

  • Volume Button Repair

    Replacing the volume button is quite similiar to replacing the power button. Both of them are not easy. Please contact us in advance

  • Charging Port Repair

    Take iPhone 6 for instance. The process takes us around 30 minutes. We take the phone apart, replace the dock connector and test it to ensure everything is working properly. 3 months performance warranty is offered because we are really confident on the quality of the pieces we use!

  • Speaker Repair

    If you are not receiving any sound from your speaker, then it is probably a hardware problem with the speaker itself. However, if the sound is just distorted or fading in and out, then there could be other causes. Your phone could be having connection problems with your carrier. Come to Us and we will make your camera back !!

  • Camera Repair

    Few people carry a camera as a separate device today. For most, if your cell phone camera is not working, then you don’t have a camera at all. While some camera problems are a result of obvious damage that needs repair, other times the camera just stops working, and it is unclear what the issue is. Come to Us and we will make it clear !!

  • Water Damage Fixing

    You've dropped your smartphone into the toilet, sink or pool. Don't panic! Obviously, you should first remove the phone from the water as quickly as possible. The longer it stays there, the more water or liquid will seep through the cracks and openings. Once it's out, turn it off then use a cloth, sleeve or paper towel to dab your phone dry. Hopefully, the phone comes back otherwise Come to US and we will make it !!

  • Device Unlock

    Unlocking a phone is often necessary when you can't remember the password or your phone is locked to another service provider or google account. Come to Us and we will make it !!

  • Data Backup&Recovery

    Delete contacts and want to regain them? Share photos but cannot find on iPhone anymore? Restore your favorite movies? MRC Phone Repair can do you a favor - recover deleted photos, contacts, videos, messages, notes, Safari bookmarks, call history and other files.

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